Handcrafted Leather Clutch | Brown Tasseled Clutch| Oiled Leather Bag

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This leather clutch is made of beautiful oiled Latigo leather. The rich red brown color shows off the pull-up effect (change of color as it bends and flexes) that we highlight by crumpling and then smoothing the leather before stitching. Perfect size for a stand alone clutch, but small enough to tuck inside a larger tote or purse as an organizer, or makeup pouch. Fully lined with zip closure and embellished with a hand cut tassel. Clutch will gain even more character and patina with use. Some variance between each bag is to be expected due to the natural material.

Handcrafted in our Portland, Oregon workshop from 100% full grain, vegetable tanned American leather.
Local pick-up available.

Clutch measures approximately 10 inches by 7.25 inches.

High quality, full-grain, oiled Latigo leather is vegetable tanned in the United States. Veg-tanning means the leather is cured with natural plant material rather than chromium and other toxic chemicals. In addition to being beautifully made, and extremely durable, leathers produced in this country pay workers a fair wage and follow environmental regulations protecting the environment, employees, and community. They will gain patina with use and have a lovely, earthy scent.